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Men and the City 42: Dating Generations and Sexual Prohibition

Updated: May 12

The sexual frustration of men in the city is explosive. The Sexual Revolution, Globalization, and online dating have turned the Sexual Marketplace upside down. The weaponization of women against men has happened episodically, advancing on multiple fronts (political, economic, and sexual) over succeeding generations (Gen X, Millennial, Gen Z). Hypergamy, selecting up and rejecting across and down, has degenerated into shameless Gold-digging or superficial #looksmaxxing.” Stripped down, modern female mate selection is a disguised sterilization program for both genders, diverting women away from child-rearing with suitable husbands and condemning “average men” to a life of lonely, meaningless, sexual deprivation. Can such a downward spiral into eunuchcracy possibly be arrested?

The revolt of sexless men is shaking things up. As men have been squeezed, marginalized, and vilified by woke Western Gerontocrats they have jumped ship. Since 2010 when online dating went parabolic (see above) men have retreated into online communities where they could vent, organize, and process what was happening, and the Manosphere was born. The Woke Gendarme slowly caught on to the masculine uprising and sought to censor, smear and silence the space. Doing so backfired and only popularized figures like Jordan Peterson, Andrew Tate, Donald Trump and countless others. A Neo-Masculine Movement began.       

Stripped down, modern female mate selection is a disguised sterilization program for both genders.


Still, something deeper is happening. The toxicity of the dating market is but a proxy for a broader de-spiritualization of Western Civilization. In truth, the feedback loop of solipsistic materialism is burning itself out. Endless consumerism, right-swiping, splurging on wealthporn and phony self-help gurus has thoroughly demoralized the masses who are increasingly broken financially, emotionally, and spiritually. A reawakening based on a desperate need for deeper human connection is opening minds to new ideas, revolutionary impulses, and archaic faiths in search of a more meaningful existence. In short, we are fast approaching the end of materialism and civilizational transformation.


Dating Woes and Echoes


Civilization is a process as thinkers from Plato to Freud repeatedly said, and so is its decline. Cycles, circles, saeculums, precessions, and ellipses better illustrate the progression (or regression) of human societies than any anthropomorphic model, and dating generations are no different. The dating market today echoes a nearly 80-year saeculum since the Sixties Sexual Revolution. Poetically, HL Mencken said that “revolution is the sex of politics,” and the circle is nearly complete. Certainly, many would agree with the arc of sexual decay sketched above but many, perhaps most, would quibble with the dramatic shift in a new direction I foresee.

Toxicity of the dating market is but a proxy for a broader de-spiritualization of Western Civilization.


From a helicopter view, things are worse than ever. Online dating is the standard way people meet today. Online short form (FaceBook Instagram, TikTok, Tinder) is the lingua-franca of most human communication. The results are undeniable: Americans have fewer friends today than 50 years ago, fully a third of men 30 and under are sexless, many have never had any female companionship whatsoever (some studies say higher), and the percentage of females over 40 who are single with no husband and no kids has doubled since 1980. Many who are married are so-called DINKs (“dual-income no kids”). These are not trends they are fire alarms.


The poisonous influence of sexualization (among others) carried by viral platforms has spread far and wide and appears to be infecting the globe. Birthrates are falling precipitously in China and in big cities like Shanghai Chinese females are turning to digital boyfriends for comfort. Japanese statistics on sexless young men are equally frightening. While it is more difficult to glean data from Latin America and Africa, there is no question that sex is commoditized in those regions far beyond what we can imagine in the West. Would be counter-balancing forces rooted in religion, tradition, even political power appears helpless to stop the virus. 


Blue, Purple, Red, Black Pills


Yet, the winds of change are gusting. While it is an unassailable fact that rats will exhaust themselves in a hamster wheel of sexual pleasure until they keel over and die, humans are not rats. Human beings are not the soulless libido-driven automatons the material-reductionists say we are. The “oceanic” feeling Freud facilely dismissed as a byproduct of suspended time in the womb represents the bankruptcy of the materialist model, which has become an ideological blindfold rendering any non-sensory data completely invisible. Doomers who assure us that the future for average men is hopeless because women will in ever-greater numbers flock to “high-value” men like groupies to rock stars share a similar close mindedness. Generational shifts say otherwise.

Gen Z have seen behind the curtains early in the play so it’s all bull shit to them.


Millennials and Gen Z are waking up. In an entertaining interview with comedian Tim Dillon on Andrew Shultz’s Podcast Flagrant (see video above), Dillon comedically schematized the last 4 generations. Baby Boomers, the generation “who ruined everything,” are the blue pilled generation. They came of age cocooned by institutions they did not build, insulated from wars they did not fight, and embraced destructive ideas only their offspring would experience. Gen Z is purple pilled, they lived through Vietnam and Civil Rights but matured in the 80’s when Ronald Reagan restored trust in America; they saw the Berlin Wall come down and the Cold War end in victory without nuclear war. Both generations were largely spared the disruptions to come.


  • Baby Boomer - Blu Pilled

  • GenX - Purple Pilled     

  • Millennials - Red Pilled

  • Gen Z - Black Pilled


Conversely, Millennials and Gen Z have ripened at a time of harsh transition. Millennials, who Dillon rightly says drank the woke Kool-Aid early on were Red Pilled by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Millennial income earning capacity was permanently damaged by the Great Recession and witnessed scandal after scandal smear America’s institutions, from fraudulent elections and false flags to Hollywood sex parties. Gen Z (Americans born after 2000) is the most black pilled generation because they have seen behind the curtains early in the play so it’s all bull shit to them. They grew up with cell phones, TikTok, porn, corruption, polarization, were raised in broken families, a broken country, indeed a broken world. However, as a result, Gen Z and Millennials are experiencing a profound psycho-spiritual metamorphosis.


Make Shaming Great Again

Shame is feminine kryptonite. The central problem poisoning the dating marketplace today is unchecked hypergamy, a total absence of sexual shame. There are no taboos against single-motherhood, sexual promiscuity, childlessness, prostitution, pornography etc. Basically, female sexuality has been unleashed without fear of reputational consequences. Social taboos on sexual indiscretion are like sexual assault laws imposed on men, loosely equivalent to relaxing laws against rape. Both are essential to protect and harmonize gender relations.

The Manosphere is mainstreaming shame again.

The Manosphere is mainstreaming shame again. Popular shows like the Fresh and Fit Podcast are beginning to reintroduce social sanctions against reckless female behavior. While these shows are scripted for spicy entertainment, they are making a cultural impact. Men are becoming more intolerant of female shamelessness. The key, however, is for women to hold women accountable. Ultimately, shaming is a female responsibility enforced through family (mothers and sisters), friends (girlfriends), and community (taboo). Without female “moral police” most women struggle to pair-bond and many end up single and childless.


Sexual Prohibition


After sliding into unchecked hypergamy over the last five decades it seems we may be on the cusp of a powerful movement toward Sexual Prohibition. An intolerance of promiscuity, maxed-out hypergamy, and materialism run amok is hardening the hearts of men. Such a cultural phenomenon may seem unfathomable today, but signs of a pendulum swing abound. Gen Z for example, is turning away from Tinder and Bumble, and new data suggests online dating in general has peaked (see video above). There is so much frustration from both men and women that a consensus favoring drastic change is building. Indeed, we are at the end-of-cycle in many facets: money, government, faith, and sex.

We are at the end-of-cycle in many facets: money, government, faith, and sex.


Humanity is dynamic, ever-changing but end-of-cycles dredge up recurring themes. American history (and the West in general) for instance is replete with transformative social movements: Great Awakening One, Great Awakening Two, Abolitionism, Secessionism, the Social Gospel Movement, the Temperance Movement, Civil Rights, and more. Sex, the domain of the feminine, is acutely sensitive to any flux in human values. As society flows women tend to follow; whatever society shames they disdain. However, given the burning pain from decades of sexual scarring since the Sixties the churn to come will be Puritanical.


As the Age of Scarcity wipes out the old regime and the Gerontocracy falls, a pathway for reform will clear. The Neo-Masculine Movement, a synthesis of reformism will reconstitute institutions, rebuild economies, revive tradition, rebalance the genders, and stabilize a dating marketplace spinning into oblivion. Hard times will revive family, community, and faith and people will come together in mass movements as they have in the past. Death will bring resurrection, and a new, reformed era will break ground. Convalescence will not be easy, it will take the rest of the decade if not longer, but it has begun.

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