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Men and the City 31: Breaking the Sex Cycle Part 2 - Sexless Before Dawn

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Men in the city rage like Achilles. Psychological parasites – bureaucracy, censorship, divorce, feminization, isolation, sexual repression, and Wokism – have poisoned the well for masses of men. Throughout human history, “the life of man” has been “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.” Indeed, the unforgiving cruelty of the human experience is built into the male psyche where dwells an inner crucible of collective struggle to traverse the dangers along the Hero’s Journey. “A woman simply is, but a man must become” as Camille Paglia tells us, so what have modern men become?

Well, in short, modern men are enraged and encaged. The harshness of life does not bedevil men, nor does its constant, change. To adapt, adjust and overcome, to make more money, raise a family, build a career, or climb what Jordan Peterson calls “dominance hierarchies” are the trials that define masculinity. Further, too much prosperity, too much ease and comfort tend to domesticate men, or at least tames their masculine fire. Cocooned in the Teflon trappings of modernity supposedly liberated from the daily trauma of survival, men face an existential crisis of Darwinian proportions all the same. Men are being phased out, de-selected and driven underground by a power structure eager to discard them and kith and kin.

The liberalization of female sexuality somewhere around the 1960s has inaugurated a eunuchism.

What ails men today is the Sex Cycle and its outgrowths. The liberalization of female sexuality somewhere around the 1960s has inaugurated a eunuchism. What has followed since is the rancorous imbalance of masculine and feminine, the intensifying campaign against men spearheaded by Wokism and enforced by feminized institutions, and the resulting slow creep of societal destruction, a relentless hollowing out process men feel powerless to stop. Charlie Harper of Two and Half Men – whisperer to the Masculine Id – said it plainly:

Jake: “Your usually in a good mood. I figure it’s because you have sex.”

Charlie: “It takes more than sex to make a man happy. You also need money.”

Since men have been rendered “obsolete” by the Gerontocracy, squeezed out by Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), sterilized by institutions, left-swiped on toxic dating apps, and scapegoated by representative bodies (What institutions represent men today?), men have retreated into the shadows, sexless and penniless. It is there, in the darkness, in the subterranean depths of despair and depression, where men have begun to find themselves, again. Can men resurrect like a Phoenix from the ashes or will the Revolt of Sexless Men self-destruct in a blaze of fury? What is to be done, indeed, what can be done? How can we break the Sex Cycle before it’s too late?

It is in the darkness, in the depths of despair and depression, where men have begun to find themselves, again.

Women Echo Power, Men Echo Struggle

If you want to understand the elites or the Gerontocracy as I call them, pay keen attention to young women. It is well known that women score high on agreeableness, a euphemistic way of saying women conform, or rather, because they are attuned to social proof far more than men they match and mirror the power structure, or “popular culture.” Remember, women echo power, men echo the struggle for power and have throughout history. Much of the venom between men and women in the sexual marketplace today is rooted in primordial drivers; hypergamous forces once constrained by custom and culture, now unleashed and out-of-control, and potentially fatal to both genders at this stage in the Sex Cycle. Female attitudes towards men and society reflect the corrosive ethos of elites, and what an effeminate elite it is.

Female attitudes towards men and society reflect the corrosive ethos of elites.

The self-destructive impulse of the female psyche was on full display on a recent trip to New York City. As documented in that essay (read here), New York City is in a state of aggressive decline, and has been for some time. It is A Tale of Two Cities, a Dickensian divergence of experiences, one of festering crime and appalling squalor, the other of gaudy wealth and negligent self-absorption. On one block in Tribeca gathers a klatch of prissy, passive aggressive, and foppish New York elites; on another block down the street huddles a tight group of NYPD blue carefully monitoring a street corner of desperate, unpredictable, and sporadically violent refugees. Two separate and adverse realities destined to collide, and an eruption of fireworks when they do.

This tear in the space-time continuum also separates the experiences of young men and women. The statistics here are damning: men are having less sex, making less money, and disproportionately subjected to loneliness, suicide, drug abuse, and social ostracism as a result. Young women on the other hand, are acquiring more wealth, unchecked social power, and benefit from a glut of programs, non-profits and government mandates putting them in the driver seat. At the same time, aging single-women (30+) (an exploding demographic) are having less children, marrying less, living alone more, and unconsciously growing agitated. Unfortunately, female frustration largely fails to provoke self-reflection or self-correction and so women lash out in Pavlovian fashion at the Patriarchy for their troubles because the power structure tells them to do so.

Such is the bizarre chokehold of the Sex Cycle, a biological strait jacket spreading mutual distrust and universal dissatisfaction egged on by Woke zealots. As palpable as the tension may be for Red Pilled Men in the City, the feminized elites are oblivious. Having surrendered completely to solipsism – the idea that subjective experience is the only reality – they are blind to the catastrophe enveloping them. The ideological (and emotional) distortion field is too thick and that is where the danger lies, so much for any hope of corrective action. What next?

The Diminishing Returns of Bread and Circus

Like the Gerontocracy itself, most Doomer’s dismiss the danger of spring-loaded upheaval. Elites are firmly in control because the masses have been systematically benumbed by bread and circus. The Normies are umbilically hooked on addictive dopamine hits from GMO laced food, NFL livestreams, pornographic popcorn brain, video game binges, and metaverse avatars. The Gerontocracy flexes its muscle every time an agitator like Jordan Peterson is sued in court, or provocateurs like Andrew Tate are imprisoned, or the wealthiest man in the world loses advertisers on the only major free speech platform left (see video above). Men may be enraged in private, but in public they are encaged behind a steel reinforced concrete wall. However, the law of diminishing returns is undefeated, and so the impact, the threat, indeed the fear of the Gerontocracy is fading fast.

Fear of the Gerontocracy is fading fast.

Geysers of testosterone are bursting the world over and the Neo-Masculine revolt is starting to rattle the cages. An outburst struck unexpectedly in Ireland where public backlash exploded on the heels of a migrant stabbing spree. Irishmen stormed the streets urged on by civic humanity and the notorious trash-talking UFC fighter Conor McGregor. The Irish government has since launched an investigation against McGregor in a shameless attempt to shift the narrative and blame to McGregor or other Irish patriots. This tactic may have worked in years past, it won’t anymore so let the fireworks begin.

A similar tremor rocked the Netherlands where long-time Nationalist leader Geert Wilders scored a crushing blow against Globalist parties in one of the founding member states of the Treaty of Rome. Wilders doubled down on his win sending a clear message to Brussels elites that mass immigration from the Middle East into Europe is over. In a stern message addressed to Erdogan and Turkey he said, "Your government is fooling you into believing that one day you will become a member of the European Union. Well, forget it." As Turkey reclaims its Ottoman heritage under Erdogan perhaps the Netherlands is rekindling its own national identity?

A Masco-Nationalism embodied in strong men is gaining momentum.

Backlash against Globalism is mobilizing in the East as well. A Masco-Nationalism, a masculine-nationalism embodied in strong men and strong leaders is gaining momentum fueled by Asabiyyah, a new civilizational cohesion and nationalist sentiment (see video above). Leaders like Putin, Xi, Erdogan, and Modi represent the leading edge of a revitalized East. A new Tsar in Russia, a new Sultan in Turkey, a new Emperor in China, and a new Raj in India. Such a resurgence in civilizational vigor has not been seen in a hundred years or more and the ethos driving this Masco-nationalism is preparation for the hard times to come in the Age of Scarcity. (More on this in the next installment)

Sexless Before Dawn?

What has this to do with the Sex Cycle? The Age of Prosperity, the viral spread of globalization, of vulture capitalism, of mass immigration, and open borders is over. Wokism, feminism, political correctness, Critical Race Theory and the Globalists who spawned them have lost control. The Global Financial System is melting down, Western welfare states are bankrupt, internal dissent is fulminating, and wars of resistance along the fault lines of civilization have begun. In sum, crisis is stopping the Sex Cycle in its tracks like a freight train derailing in a busy industrial city. If you have yet to feel its effects you soon will.

Crisis is stopping the Sex Cycle in its tracks like a freight train derailing.

The Age of Scarcity will bring succession and a violent reckoning it will be. The pent-up frustration, sexual repression, and bottled-up tensions suppressed for over half-a-century are blowing the lid off the world order. The Gerontocracy is unwittingly stumbling into a volcanic eruption. As a French patriot and nationalist leader explained to me when I was in Paris last summer – “France is a volcano.” So is the world. Fittingly, as if communicating from Mother Nature herself, a volcano is erupting in Iceland as we speak, a harbinger of the times ahead.

Rage is the first word of the Iliad and if properly harnessed fertilizes the seeds of masculine dynamism. Rage, like fire – is a potent weapon but one that can burn the hand that wields it. Men are ferociously angry, sexless men are revolutionary, and so shall the Neo-Masculine Movement be. However, if we are to break the Sex Cycle successfully, we must rebalance the genders, stabilize the family structure, and kickstart fertility. If these imbalances are reset, then sexless before dawn it will be.

The Neo-Masculine Movement must harmonize disparate platforms of dissent under the banner of reformation. Outmoded systems, divorce laws, political corruptions, and whole nations need root and branch reform. Here, JD Unwin’s words are prescient and prescriptive: “A society that wishes to maintain a high level of culture indefinitely must find a way to emancipate women without compromising on the institution of absolute monogamy.” Threading that needle will not be easy but it can be done and civilization’s future depends on it.

Such is the mission of the Neo-Masculine Movement, and perhaps of Masco-Nationalism firing around the world. If Neo-Masculinity fails, men will “rage against the dying of the light” in vain.

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