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Men and the City Part 8: Are Storm Troopers Mobilizing?

Men in the city are on edge. Despite hollow claims to the contrary – bank runs are spreading, economies are crumbling, and riots in the street are brewing, and in some quarters they have already begun. (See riots in Paris) A fiery mixture of dread and excitement is percolating through the zeitgeist. Now that the debt bomb has been triggered the global financial system is doddering into a minefield (will Deutsche Bank fail next?) and proximity mines are blasting around us like dispatched bodies in a John Wick firefight. However, as the masses begin to see through the counter-psyop and rehearsed redirects (see Obama Treasury Secretary spin Newspeak) many fear an emergent Praetorian guard of storm troopers when – in fact – the emperor has no clothes.

Accepting what you see is not easy for the discerning mind. Surely, the esteemed Federal Reserve – led by a consummate board of “expert” advisors brandishing academic accolades like naval decorations on a Vice Admiral – knows what it’s doing. President Biden may be well into senescence, but his top advisors are competently pulling the strings, right? If all else fails there are constitutional safeguards that hinder even the most entrenched parasitic class of corrupt or inept technocrats from running the ship aground. Tragically, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s pablum before the Senate Finance Committee last week sent a clear and unambiguous signal that the template for DC damage control is Weekend at Bernie’s.

Neither elected officials, nor the shadow bureaucracy, and especially not the WEF puppet masters have a clue what the hell is going on. At Bitcoin 2022, Peter Thiel told an engrossed audience that Bitcoin’s enemy was gerontocracy – rule by old people. Bitcoin’s archrivals are old men he said, like the “Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon – Chairman + CEO of JP Morgan Chase, and Blackrock Chief Evil Officer Larry Fink. Of course, none of these aged landlords knows the faintest thing about Bitcoin or blockchain except that it is a threat to their wealth and power. What more don’t they know is the question?

Bitcoin’s enemy is gerontocracy – rule by old people.

The Old Guard is “Old”

Silicon Valley Bank’s (SVB) blistering breakdown is conjuring Father-time for bankers, bureaucrats and obtuse billionaires. There is a saying in sports – “Father time is undefeated.” Even the most self-disciplined fitness freaks like Lebron James and Tom Brady eventually succumb to ailing injuries, tired bones, and fast twitch muscles that aren’t so fast or twitchy anymore. Sometimes the game itself changes when new strategies like Moneyball break legacy paradigms in a few short years. Elder stars are forced into retirement sooner because post-game centers or pocket fullbacks were replaced by 3 and D guys and dual-threat running backs. Fortunes were made and lost based on who could adapt the quickest to a game reconfigured by statisticians.

Spontaneous chaos – from hurricanes to new technologies and financial shocks – strikes suddenly and unpredictably so Mother Nature can select the best prepared and the most antifragile for survival. Future generations depend on such events to improve ecosystems, actuate adaptions, and increase the likelihood of long-term endurance. The banking crisis (like Covid) is testing the incumbent political-economic-order and it is stumbling before our eyes. The Old Guard piloting a dilapidated structure – like a coach close to retirement – appear sluggish, caught off guard, and visibly frazzled. A rewired global economy, reengineered supply chains based on new trade blocs (BRICS + SCO) and geopolitical realignment (Russia-China-Saudi Arabia), and decentralized digital assets are inscrutable to the septuagenarian-plus class who are aging out quickly.

Clown world is run by clowns not idiot savants.

Unfortunately, rather than walk-away gracefully they will go down in an inglorious blaze. There is no planned demolition. The Fed is not blowing up commercial banks to usher in CBDCs. Executive orders for wealth confiscation are not imminent, and no subterranean storm troopers are ready to spring into action. Instead, as the banking system flounders into obsolescence, geriatric Western elites domiciled in Brussels, DC and London will soon follow. Remember, the New Deal (1930s), the Great Society (1960s), and even the Military-Industrial-Complex (1950s) are half-a -century plus old. The Federal Reserve (founded 1913) is a Bronze Age institution helplessly ill equipped to solve contemporary financial problems many of its own making.

No One is Coming for Us

For stalwart die hards convinced of an orchestrated “global reset,” or connecting the dots between bailed out millionaire SVB depositors who also happen to be Biden campaign donors it is hard to accept an alternative explanation. Albert Einstein famously said, “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” In other words, clown world is run by clowns not idiot savants. The urgent reality is that there is no secret scheme purposely toppling the current order, no one is coming to terrorize us, and no one is coming to save us either, nor should they. Such a prospect seems daunting I know, but it should be empowering. For men in the city, this is a generational opportunity to take the reins.

As the fiat system disintegrates clown world will vaporize. Feminism, socialism, and wokism are bankrupt business models that depend on government backing; without it they wither. As government liquidity dries up and clown world fizzles, the woke mob will double down like an addict fighting withdrawal. The bankers, bureaucrats and septuagenarians will dig deep into the toolkit of misinformation to reclaim the narrative, censor dissident voices, shutdown alternative assets (crypto), launch capital controls to freeze bank accounts, and perhaps even arrest high-profile enemies (Trump to be arrested). However, the overreaction will fail and blowback a hundred-fold, accelerating the transition to a new system.

Men in the city are the reconstruction team.

Men in the city are the reconstruction team. It is our generation’s mission to clean up the mess. If we accept the challenge the sky is the limit because the gerontocracy is fading fast. We can build a new monetary system unencumbered by shady banks and decrepit billionaires. We can organize new political movements to reform a defunct and inefficient government. We offer a new ethos based on Neo-masculinity, a mass movement committed to free speech, a rebalancing of masculine and feminine, a renewed, sustainable economy, and a new culture divorced from consumer-driven materialism. The world awaits our leadership – what will you do?

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