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Men and the City 33: The Rise of Masco-Nationalism Part 2

Updated: Jan 6

Men and the city are hyperactive. What moves men and nations is a storm of emotion that fuses the clan, the group, the tribe, the ethnos and ultimately the nation together into collective action. The Modern Age has become a deprivation chamber, starving humanity of the spiritual nourishment embedded in common culture, language, history and identity. Without those core elements, men in the city fall into atomization, loneliness, and aimlessness until self-destruction takes over, a viral trend among men in the city today. The despair pushes men to the breaking point until they abandon the hostile, feminized society encaging them in search of salvation.

The Modern Age has become a deprivation chamber, starving humanity of spiritual nourishment.


Men who survive the crucible find revitalization in going back to basics. They embrace the hardship, the austerity, the separation, and the suffering to forge a new path. These men descend into a cave of self-discovery, a darkness wherein new values materialize, new skills and strengths rigidify, new worldviews and beliefs sprout, and a Neo-Masculinity ignites. The masculine awakening begins with the individual-man but slowly galvanizes masses of men until a Neo-Masculine Movement burns hot. In the present moment, a hyper-masculine-consciousness is boiling over into Masco-Nationalism, a hyper-awareness of one’s national identity as separate, special, and distinct from others.


In the West there are only looming shadows of Masco-Nationalism but in the East it is manifest in resurgent civilizations and new alliances shaking up the world. Strong men are emerging from Istanbul to India and tenured leaders from Vladimir Putin to Xi Jinping are consolidating power. Such developments are raising alarm in the Globalist headquarters of DC, London, and Brussels where a dazed Gerontocracy feels threatened by an end to a hollow and hypocritical “rules-based international system.” Fearful and confused, Globalist elites are lashing out at Masco-Nationalist sentiments they cannot measure or understand. The course is set for the collision of reality and delusion, a clash between an emasculated, neurotic West and a rising, more self-confident East.


Eastern Sons Rising


Lines are being drawn in the sand and colored in blood. In the East, alliances of civilizational titans are integrating nations as never before from the Fertile Crescent to the Forbidden City. Powered by Chinese capital investment, connected by the sprawling bridges, tunnels, rail lines and sea lanes of the Belt and Road Initiative, and stitched together by a spree of new trade agreements, a new economic axis from Istanbul-to-Jakarta is emergent. Seasoned Ruso-diplomacy, Chinese industrial might, virginal Indian markets, and Brazilian natural resources are staging the greatest economic-alliance the non-Western world has ever seen. A new Eastern Monroe Doctrine (see video above) motivated by independence, reform, and resistance to Globalism is rebalancing international power. 

The course is set for a clash between an emasculated, neurotic West and a rising, more self-confident East.


The BRICS union represents a watershed moment for the world. From humble beginnings in September 2006 when foreign ministers of Brazil, Russia, China, and India first met to the 2009 Summit meeting in Yekaterinburg, Russia and the addition of South Africa in 2010, the brick and mortar of a global alliance are only now breaking ground. Today, the BRICS sponsor over 100 meetings every year and new members are flocking to join their ranks. Kicking off ’24 the BRICS have added: Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. More applications are outstanding.

What has brought these disparate nations and diverse people’s together? Contrary to the dismissive condescension of ECB President Christine Legarde among other Globalists (see her remarks here), these civilizations are coming together to push back on the cancer of Globalism, the twin parasites of vulture capitalism and wokeness deracinating Western society. They want political autonomy, enforced multi-polarity, and a reformed international system that reflects the new global balance of power (read more here). In short, they want respect and hemispheric dominion over their sovereignty and people. Who can blame them?

The BRICS+ want respect and hemispheric dominion over their sovereignty and people.


Under the corrosive leadership of a tiny Globalist elite, the West has gone rogue, and the world has noticed. A dangerous combination of arrogance and insecurity has so infected the Western psyche that neuroticism is institutionalized. The more delusional (“pregnant men”), the more self-satisfying (“right side of history”), the more paranoid (“micro-aggressions”), the more woke the better. What George Frost Kennan once called National-Narcissism has mutated into full blown hallucination. Far from controlling the ideological narcotics trade, the Gerontocracy consumes its own product and suffers the acute paranoia, global grandiosity, and a reckless disregard for consequences all addled addicts do. As a result, the West is growing more isolated by the year, more unstable internally, and tensions are running hot with the rest of the world. Is war inevitable?


A Humbling Moment

Sometimes men embody nations and civilizations. For the moment I can think of no better dichotomy between East and West than UFC fighters Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor is an explosive fighter, a world-class entertainer, and a charismatic personality. However, he is also volatile, undisciplined, flashy, and a shameless shit talker. Khabib, on the other hand, is a devout Muslim and the embodiment of self-discipline, austerity, temperance, and concentrated ferocity (see video above). When the two men met in the ring Khabib prevailed in a well-contested match that saw McGregor humbled before the world. Is a similar fate in store for the West? 


Western elites today are hyper-arrogant, jingoistic, and undiplomatic. President Biden’s reckless calls for Putin’s removal, slandering President Xi after a San Francisco summit, and combative warmongering with Iran expresses the lunacy of the Gerontocracy. Western “virtue signaling” from Berlin to DC has been devastating for average Americans, Germans, Frenchmen, Britons among others who bear the brunt of Russian sanctions and Ukrainians who lost a generation of young men. The Gerontocrat's flagrant disregard for global supply chain disruptions, de-industrialization, and fiscal meltdown never mind a global food crisis hitting the developing world is stoking the fires of self-immolation (see German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck mobbed by angry German farmers).


Since Hamas’ attack in October ‘23, the same careless mistakes have been repeated by Western leaders blindly supporting Israel’s genocidal invasion of Gaza. As hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs have been forced from their homes, buried under rubble, or killed during the invasion Western leaders are silent. As humanitarian crisis destabilizes the region and inflames the Muslim world from Mecca to Istanbul, US leaders respond with escalation. Carrier Strike Groups have been deployed and open threats against Iran are pervasive in the mainstream-media. Zero thought given to de-escalation, no safeguards in place to forestall a regional war, or worse (see video below for more).


Verbal warnings from Eastern leaders across the world are being ignored. Turkish President Erdogan has been ferocious in his criticism of Israel (see here) while Arab leaders have directed their criticism at the United States. At the Joint Arab Islamic Extraordinary Summit last November Arab leaders spoke in unison:



Unfortunately, US rejection of a UN Security Council resolution for ceasefire in Gaza only confirmed suspicions that America’s leadership and Western international institutions are compromised. The Global South increasingly views the Western led international order as "ineffective and insufficiently inclusive." Qatar’s foreign minister called it an exposition of the “great gap between East and West ... and double standards in the international community.” A clear shift against the enfeebled West is underway.


Feminization is Leading to War

Wars begin for many reasons, perhaps none more common than amnesia. Nations forget the past, they forget what it took to nation-build, the sacrifices, the hardships, and the recurring devastations that nearly terminated national projects altogether. Sometimes amnesia is borne of negligence, sometimes prosperity, one way or another a lack self-awareness ensues. This time we can add feminization to the list of causes underlying the West’ lack of self-awareness. Emasculation softens society’s defenses until it barks above its bite, and that’s when war strikes.

America’s war machine is an expensive diversity project.


America’s war machine is an expensive diversity project. The rank and file of the US military is increasingly ill trained, ill equipped, unfit, and feminized. The percentage of females in the service has swelled across its ranks in every branch at every level, officer and enlisted. Clear mission statements that once defined military strategy have been jettisoned in favor of political slogans to “make the world safe for democracy” and show the rest of the world that “diversity is our strength.” Esprit de corp born of discipline, unity, and masculine meritocracy has been neutered so men are leaving the military in droves.

The harshness of the masculine archetype is rooted in violence, its threat and execution. Men, by virtue of being physically-dominant beings who must compete for female attention and affection constantly test their strength against other men. Most of the time male competition is resolved without violence but the threat or potential for violence quickly stratifies male hierarchies so that they are stable and robust. As applies to men, so applies to nations. Nations must operate in an environment governed by the limits of power usually defined by avoiding the violent provocation of other nations. If those governors are removed, if sensitivity to the balance of power fades, lines are crossed and unforeseen consequences spark.

A Gaza resident decried, “My tragedy lives inside me.”


War is coming because there are human costs to delusion. Gaza resident Kamal Al-Zeinaty decried, “My tragedy lives inside me,” and horrifically, for the moment he may be right. However, the rising tide of Masco-Nationalism in the East will not let this pass. The window for the West to de-escalate is closing rapidly with dire consequence if we do not.

Can a Neo-Masculine Movement arrest the forces of escalation and pull us back from the brink of global war? Or is Masco-Nationalism inflaming in the East a runaway freight train inexorably headed our way? These questions and others will be discussed in Part 3.

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