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Men and the City 32 – The Rise of Masco-Nationalism Part 1

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Men in the city are massing into movements of resistance. The grating churn of social-breakdown, political crisis, toxic gender war, and economic malaise is setting the stage for a revolutionary environment unseen since the 19th century. The Gerontocracy who utterly dominate popular culture, the mainstream media, western governments, and Fortune 500 companies is tightening its grip like a boa constrictor suffocating its prey. In the desperation of deoxygenation men in the city are clinging onto life with bated breath. The Age of Scarcity a time of hardship, of rebuilding and Neo-Masculinity is flaming into Masco-Nationalism, a masculine-nationalism poised to restore order to a world on fire.

The 20th century was a saeculum of universality, of globalization, a blending of amorphous identities, and fluid genders for a world soul lost in delusion – conversely, the 21st will be about identity. Newly resurrected, self-confident, and hardened identities are forming like Igneous rock from volcanic ash. It can take Millenniums for volcanos to erupt, but when they do new terrestrial landscapes and island chains form, and maps are redrawn anew seemingly overnight. Similarly, the “inflammation of national consciousness” burns deep within the souls of men and lies dormant, unseen, ill considered, and long ignored for decades or more. Suddenly, often without advance warning or prodromal signs, the slow burn ignites into an inferno of national, cultural, or civilizational identity.

Masco-Nationalism is the collective awakening of new identities embodied in strong men and carried forth by mass movements.

Masco-Nationalism is the collective awakening of new identities embodied in strong men and carried forth by mass movements. There is a growing awareness that the machine politics, the robotic bureaucracies, the soulless corporations, and poisonous sexual marketplace cannot be overcome alone. Fleeing the scene as a MGTOW, seeking refuge in borderlands beyond the West as a Passport Bro, or numbing the pain with drugs and alcohol are not solutions. Neither is submitting to betatization, a gradual emasculation that breaks the spirit of men and society the way a host slowly succumbs to a parasite. Globalism and its various forms are a virus that must be stopped at the source. While no one man can change the world, “There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.” Enter Masco-Nationalism.

The Fault Lines of Civilization

Sometimes the outside world knows you better than you know yourself. Years ago, I met a young man from Albania who had recently moved to the United States. He was proto-typically masculine, aggressive, ambitious, high-energy, direct, and stoic in his approach. Understandably, he had trouble adjusting to a bubble wrapped, estrogen flooded, testosterone depleted American culture. Naturally, he and I became friends and early on he asked me why America was so different from what he expected and why was I so radically different from everyone else he met? Foreigners often say these things to me in a subtle attempt to reconcile brand Americana – the provenance of America’s past – with the reality of an enfeebled society circling the drain.

Globalism and its various forms are a virus that must be stopped at the source.

Respect for the American led West is in appalling decline. Contrary to what polemicists say, this has less to do with domestic rancor than it does with the spread of a venomous Globalist culture masquerading as progress. The world once respected Anglo-America as builders of modernity: industrial machines, supply chains, revolutionary technology, and a higher standard of living as a result. Further, the world thought of Americans as wholly different from our European forebears in terms of power and dominion. The American credo stood for America First (and only), the lands beyond our borders were free to self-determine just as Manifest Destiny empowered America’s founding people to bring civilization to a backward wilderness.

Americans (and Westerners) are shadows of our former selves. We have turned our backs on the traditions that made us a great power, namely English-Speaking homogeneity, and hemispheric nationalism. Americans sought to transform our country into a beacon of light to be imitated by the world. Now, we have let a tiny minority of corrupt Global elites siphon our wealth, pillage our heritage, demographically erase us, and deny us our birthright, the national identity bestowed upon all nations by God. Our identity wrecked from within, what’s left of US resources has been hijacked in a crusade to spread the virus. We grow poorer, fatter, more insecure, and disconnected from reality while US power (what’s left of it) is deployed by Globalists to carry the disease that has crippled us still farther.

Masco-Nationalism is rising in the East and incubating in the West.

Is it any surprise that the world’s response to soulless Globalism is Masco-Nationalism? Masco-Nationalism is rising in the East and incubating in the West. While Masco-Nationalism is beginning to scale to national levels of consciousness in keystone states like China, India, Turkey and Russia, the specter of Masco-Nationalism is fermenting in the scalding furor of men in the city. Spurned by a weaponized feminism, emasculated by woke institutions, and discarded by corporate DEIs, men in the city are fulminating into Neo-Masculine movements of revolt. The ripple effects of the Red Pilled awakening are finally breaking the dams of resistance across the Western world. This has been a long-time coming.

Waking the “Id”

The infiltration of Globalist control in the Anglosphere did encounter resistance contrary to popular opinion. In 1968, a fateful year for both America and Britain, a Member of Parliament (MP) named Enoch Powell gave an infamous speech called the “Rivers of Blood.” “As I look ahead,” he said, “I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see 'the River Tiber foaming with much blood.'’” Powell was talking about the dangers of Britain’s Commonwealth Immigration, which opened its borders to migration from former colonies. Powell knew that mass migration from non-Britons would tear the country apart in mere decades.

Of course, Enoch Powell felt his speech was not a prediction, it was an observation rooted in Briton’s Id, its primal sense of national consciousness. The same year (1968) of Powell’s speech, the Civil Rights era nearly sparked open race war between blacks and whites in Chicago, Philadelphia and LA. In some corners, rioting was so intense only the military could stop it. Further, Powell’s truth bomb was largely uncontroversial among the English population, a majority of whom shared his views (and still do as demonstrated by Brexit). However, Britain’s elites were determined to follow America down the path of open-borders and multiculturalism over the objections of its own population. “Enoch was right” is a rallying cry whose echo only gains resonance with Britons each year that passes.

Nearly 50 years on a similar speech given by an American Presidential candidate rattled the Gerontocracy. To kick-off-his bid for the presidency Donald Trump descended the elevators of Trump Tower to say the following:

“When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us [sic]. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

The rhetoric was categorically condemned by American politicians, the corporate elites, Hollywood celebrities, and mainstream media conglomerates. Many like Jon Greenway called Trump “the id of Republican politics.” His rhetoric and appeal emanated from “the dark corners of the human psyche.” Like Powell, however, Americans largely agreed with Trump, and just over a year later Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Trump and Powell had both roused the id, they had tapped into a festering divide between Globalist elites and the masses. However, Enoch and Trump were both reformers who attempted to save a system from itself.

Seeing these men fail so spectacularly to push back on immigration (among other reforms) forced us to relearn an old lesson: systems do not reform, they die. The spectacular failure of reform has only inflamed the masses further. National identities long buried after decades of systematic digging are finally being exhumed. A revolt of sexless men, a mutiny of the Red Pilled against Globalism is approaching escape velocity once again as "the inflammation of national consciousness" transforms into Masco-Nationalism.

Fire Rising in the East

The rebellion against Globalism in the West is still in its infancy but in the East, it is approaching adolescence. After decades of economic recovery, political infighting, skirmishing with the West, and international relationship building, the efforts of Eastern Masco-Nationalist leaders are beginning to manifest. New alliances, international movements, and civilizational resurrection beyond Western reach are calcifying. An early observer of civilizational cycles, the Islamic scholar and historiographer Ibn Khaldun, noted that the beginnings of civilization were capped by a new feeling, a binding sentiment, something he called Asabiyyah. Asabiyya (“group cohesion”) begins in the blood, spreads to the tribe, becomes the nation, and eventually births civilization.

After decades of recovery, the efforts of Eastern Masco-Nationalist leaders are beginning to manifest.

Asabiyyah is rooted in common destiny. Such a destiny is outlined in ancient beliefs, old tongues, and hero-stories that define civilizations. The resonance of those hero stories ebbs and flows with the rise and fall of civilizations. As I said to a friend of mine from India many years ago, the West is materially rich, but spiritually poor. As the 21st century begins, a new spiritual enrichment has begun in the East, a new self-confidence, a desire to break from Globalist templates, institutions, and ideas to look inward. Doing so serves as a direct challenge to Globalism but should be a source of inspiration to Masco-Nationalism in the West.

Asabiyya begins in the blood, spreads to the tribe, becomes the nation, and eventually births civilization.

At its essence, identity is separate and distinct for each nation and civilization. Globalist attempts to eradicate human uniqueness, to dehumanize, dispirit and ultimately deracinate the world is the singular cause for the surge of Masco-Nationalism. What forms has it taken in the East? Who are its leaders and what is their mission? When and how will Masco-Nationalism burst onto the scene in the West? Can these forces congeal into a coherent new world order or is devastation inevitable? These questions and more will be covered in the next installments.

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