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Men and the City 41: Identity, Holy War, and Radicalization Part 2 - Resurrection

Updated: Mar 31

Men and the city are resurrecting. There is a narcissism in amnesia; without a knowledge of the past, of the experiences of others, without ancient wisdom and rites of initiation passed down to the present the infantile human believes his life to be a blank page. Like a child who thinks the world first came into being upon his birth, ignorance of the past is a necessary precondition for utopian delusion. After all, Shangri-La can only be achieved by first purging society’s flaws and what better way to achieve this than a memory dump, wiping humanity of its past traumas and thereby neutralizing future defects. 

The problem, as countless thinkers have long-established, is that humanity defines itself through the scars that mold it, an accumulation of lessons learned is the basis for higher civilization. Attempts to suppress the memory, the feedback from battles waged, revolutions failed, and wars lost provokes a spiritual reboot as humanity seeks to remember who and what we are. Ultimately, the listlessness of a solipsistic mind and the disorientation of nihilism, the total absence of any metaphysical or transcendent faith sparks a search for identity. The human being thirsts for identity because without one his spirit dies. So, man endeavors to remember.

To suppress the memory, the feedback from battles waged, revolutions failed, and wars lost provokes a spiritual reboot as humanity seeks to remember who and what we are.


Remembrance is resurrecting the masculine psyche. Men in the city and beyond are rediscovering their masculine power and its fatherly creations, namely the family, the nation and civilization itself. As the eccentric botanist and psychedelic enthusiast Terence McKenna lectured many years ago, out of “all of the models whose implications have been worked out over the past 500 years” is “a faith that has dissolved away.” In the vacuum, he said, “a fascination with the archaic” has birthed a new awakening of humanity’s consciousness. Indeed, it is in the archaic where men are dredging the deep underbelly of the psyche to find themselves again.   


Archaic Masculine and Feminine


On a recent podcast (see above) Tim Pool asked the question – what is masculinity? Such a question casts a broad net of interpretation, but the answer is best addressed in the archaic. A simple response to this question can be found in the shíshī, (see below) the Buddhist lions who guard Chinese imperial palaces, government offices and private residences. There are two lions, one male, one female. Beneath the right paw of the male lion is the globe, a symbol of the universe, of consciousness and power. Beneath the left paw of the female is a cub, symbolizing fertility, Mother Nature and nurture. The two paired together represents the balance of nature, a polarity of masculine and feminine.


The Feminine is a dissipative structure, the Masculine is an equilibrium structure. The focus of the female is to bring forth new life and nurture the potential of new consciousness. Like female mate-selection, which is based on assessing male capacity, the offspring is the physical manifestation of the idea embodied in men. However, realizing human potential, transforming the abstract into reality – what we call manifestation – is the masculine domain. This is why on the range of social outcomes from winners to losers female results (income, education, professions, IQ etc.) tend to cluster around the averages whereas male performance is a Pareto Distribution (few winners, lots of losers); women flock to male winners as a result.

Chaos does not deactivate the masculine, rather it prompts a rebalancing of the genders.


Feminization of the West has rendered its foundational structures dissipative. Institutions that once held society together like a social coagulant – the military, the family, the church even the rule of law itself have been diluted, delegitimized, hollowed out, or corrupted. Without the uniform standards, social norms, moral values, and impartial justice that once empowered these institutions they quickly wither and die until social breakdown envelops the land. However, chaos does not deactivate the masculine, rather it prompts a reconstitution of the male psyche and a rebalancing of the genders. Such a resurgence of masculine consciousness is what undergirds the Neo-Masculine Movement and the radicalization of young men.


Strategies of Deception

Of the strategies employed by the weak to bring down the strong the most lethal is psychological. Mobilizing the weak to physically overpower the strong is far riskier than to beguile the strong into thinking he is weak. Such a psychological trick has been played on Western Men who have been systematically brain washed to believe that masculinity is toxic, national identity is abstract, and summoning these powers is dangerous. The trick is not complete without burying the past, suppressing the memory of strength that lies dormant, and can therefore be reactivated. Still, there must be a mental lapse, a psychical trauma that weakens the mind so that the strong second guesses himself and opens the door to manipulation.

there must a psychical trauma that weakens the strong so that he second guesses himself and opens the door to manipulation. 

The shock of the World Wars did just that to the psyche of Western Man. The horrors of World War I are largely forgotten and difficult to relay except perhaps through literature. Ernest Hemingway’s stories are studies in the collapse of masculinity post-World War I. The Lost Generation lost their faith, their zeal and belief in the pre-WWI Victorian virtues of heroism, courage, and masculine glory. As Jake Barnes, the main character of The Sun Also Rises grieves:


  • “What’s the matter with you anyway?” (Georgette)

  • “I got hurt in the war.” (Jake)

  • “Oh, that dirty war.” (Jake)

  • We would probably have gone on and discussed the war and agreed that it was in reality a calamity for civilization, and perhaps would have been better avoided. (Jake)


Hemingway, like his characters, was a tragic figure, a lost soul emotionally damaged by the Great War, as were masses of men of his generation. In The Sun Also Rises, Jake and a gaggle of lost men drunkenly traipsing through Europe come to idolize a young bull fighter, a pure vision of what masculinity once was before the war. “Nobody ever lives their life all the way up except the bull fighters.” It is the young bull fighter who Jake’s love interest (Brett) runs off with at the end of the book. Hemingway eventually succumbed to his demons and killed himself, as scores of men are doing today.

World War II finished off Western Men for three generations. While the "Greatest Generation," and the Baby Boomers and Gen X who succeeded them imbibed the mythos that has followed that conflict, a far darker reality is that World War II was not the triumph of Democracy over Fascism, it was the conquest of Communism over the West. The destructive conflict that killed more than 50 million people devastated the psyches of nations from Germany to France and Britain, and it can be argued that these countries never fully recovered. Shaken by the horrors of total war these nations forgot themselves, abandoned the ethos that made them great, and lost faith in Western Civilization itself.

A far darker reality is that World War II was not the triumph of Democracy over Fascism, it was the conquest of Communism over the West.

Rattled so, the unsteady psyche of Western Men fell prey to the intellectual pathogen of Communism, most aptly termed Globalism today. The Western psychological immune system that was once strong and resistant was compromised, and through the porous membrane of nihilism and self-loathing came the agents of Communism – the Frankfurters, Straussians, and Neo-Cons who taught us Critical Theory, Feminism, Wokism, White Fragility, Preventative War etc (read more here). As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn explained, “And the lie has in fact led us so far away from a normal society that you cannot even orient yourself any longer; in its dense, gray fog not even one pillar can be seen.” However, nearly a century on Western Men are increasingly distant, moving with speed away from that destructive time, which has opened men’s minds to processing fully what has happened, to remember who we are.


Resurrection and Charisma

So we return to Waltz’s first image – men. In a recent exchange between Don Lemon and Elon Musk, (see here) Lemon rehashed the usual ruses to entrap Musk into incriminating himself as a bigot or racist or white supremacist, take your pick. What struck me was not Lemon’s tactics but Musk’s insistence that we should look to the future instead of dwelling on the past. Thinking this way has dominated the Conservative Mind for some time because it allows Conservatives to leave buried the guilt and shame of alleged past crimes to conserve the status quo. Doing so has failed spectacularly; a better way is for Western Men to remember so we can resist.


We are living in a time of charisma, what I have called the magical power to affect others (see video above). One of the foremost sociological thinkers to investigate charisma was Max Weber. In Economy and Society he contextualized the emergence of the charismatic personality as follows:


“All extraordinary needs, i.e., those which transcend the sphere of everyday economic routines, have always been satisfied in an entirely heterogeneous manner: on a charismatic basis… It means the following: that the 'natural' leaders in moments of distress – whether psychic, physical, economic, ethical, religious, or political – were neither appointed officeholders nor 'professionals' in the present-day sense (i.e., persons performing against compensation a 'profession' based on training and special expertise), but rather the bearers of specific gifts of body and mind that were considered 'supernatural' (in the sense that not everybody could have access to them).”

Charismatic personalities play a crucial role for nations or societies in crisis. These “supernatural” leaders, as Weber calls them, call upon mystical even shamanic forces to release the hidden feelings and inner-most thoughts, to exorcise demons the Gerontocracy can only bury or distort. These men are not empowered by position or privilege but based on charismatic power that transcends the rational and channels the spiritual realm. The Gerontocracy categorically rejects such leaders as figments of imagination while the Globalists do whatever they can to prevent their emergence. However, Western Men in search of truth and desperate to remember who they are will find them one way or another.


Armageddon or Reformation?

The Age of Scarcity, a time of renewal, of catharsis and resurrection is hastening a return of charismatic leadership. Some are rising in the East directing the Masco-Nationalist forces behind them. In the West, the radicalization of young men is beckoning them. Ultimately, charismatic men synchronize and orchestrate mass movements, and forge a spiritual connection between leader and led to reform society and resurrect civilization. Can the radicalization of Western Men led by charismatic leaders stop the Global War the Globalist have set in motion?

Humanity’s answer to this question as always is – it depends. Human systems, including history itself are fragile, dynamic and highly sensitive to whimsical influence. That said, what I see in the Neo-Masculine Movement in the West, in America (my country), in a rising Asabiyyah in Islam, in the newly self-confident powers of Asia (China and India), and what I observe in the Russians is a resilience of Civilization I have not seen in my 40 short years. Something is indeed happening in the souls of men the world over and that gives me cause for hope. I think humanity is rapidly gaining in consciousness and disentangling itself from systematic deception, disconnecting from the Matrix.

Something is indeed happening in the souls of men and that gives me cause for hope.

It is in the awakening of young men that I have faith. So yes, I do believe the radicalization of Western Men and new charismatic leaders can prevail. A Neo-Masculine Movement can fill the power vacuum to come. Humanity does appear ready to fight back against its true oppressors, the Globalists whose sole aim it is to enslave the world soul and transform humanity into a despiritualized ATM. Nothing is fait accompli and so the outcome of this conflict depends – as it always does – on empowered minorities, on strong men and mass movements to rise to the occasion. Masses of men need leaders to lead, and leaders need divine forces to empower them. This time will be no different if we remember how we got here.

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