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Men and the City 44: Men are Villains Until We are Heroes

Updated: May 12

Men in the city are villains. It goes without saying that in the modern Western World men are under direct attack. Men are enduring a multi-decade experiment in systematic emasculation. Men have been vilified in their own hero-story and deprived of any sense of dignity and respect. Worse, men are the cannon fodder and sacrificial lambs to a power structure who hates them. In short, men are living a Shakespearian tragedy in which they are expected to perform as the hero while being punished as the villain.

However visceral is the crisis of masculinity for young men masco-suffering is greeted with glib dismissal. Many impugn such a depiction as wild exaggeration, a critique frequently leveled by older, more “successful” men in Fortune 500 Companies, the US Military, or government sectors. To them, modern American males (modern men in general) are lazy, overweight social rejects who play the victim card. Affluent White Females (AWFs) inside big cities are especially unsympathetic; they immediately dismiss any such notion of men in crisis as right-wing mumbo jumbo, the moaning of pathetic Incels, or misogyny masquerading as Men’s Rights Activism (MRA). Such reactionary venom reflects the total disdain for men and the fear of masculinity.

Men are living a Shakespearian tragedy in which we are expected to perform as the hero while being punished as the villain.


Villain is a strong but appropriate word to describe the current status of men. Villain comes from the Latin word villanus, or villager, which connoted a person of low birth, a peasant with boorish manners. Fundamentally, what bedevils men today is a lack of dignity, a disregard for the most important demographic to the future of any household, community, nation, or civilization – young men. As is well documented, systemic emasculation is forcing men to retreat from society. However, men are falling back to reorganize in preparation for the end-of-cycle. On the other side of this mess men will be heroes if “just for one day.”


I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take this Anymore

When I think about the psyche of young men I think of the film Network. Retrofit Peter Finche’s inflamed monologue and it is a close approximation to the desperate rage masses of men feel today. There is a prevailing sense that society is unhinged, crime is explosive, corruption is endemic, and the Gerontocracy are intentionally driving us off the cliff. Elites demand the systematic eradication of men through feminization, wokism, censorship, even counterterrorism. Blame for worsening social problems falls on men because we are the expendable cannon fodder with no real representation so who cares?

Blame for worsening social problems falls on men.


Under these difficult circumstances, men are presented with a choice – comply or resist. Sadly, most men choose the former. The reasons are obvious: to have friends, have a family and get married, advance careers, play 9 holes on weekends etc. these men go along to get along. Whatever they really think or believe, they cave to the bullshit. They tell themselves and admonish others that resistance is immaturity, that the “sacrifices” they made are necessary to take the next step in life and provide for family and community. Company men justify it to get ahead, conformity is a necessary concession to earn a promotion, “protect” the institution, or “safeguard” the company.

These men are today’s "winners." Men like Boeing CEO David Calhoun, board approved because he is another smooth-talking empty suit, a shameless liar who will bury any dirt without question or compunction. Under Calhoun’s leadership Boeing has become yet another broken blue-chip US corporation that has fallen from grace after decades of capitulation to the DEI Godhead and shareholder greed. Men like David Calhoun are not winners, they are emasculated sheep being herded along to their own destruction with severe consequences for employees, customers, and American industry. Recent leaked footage shows employees have lost faith in the company and the general public will soon follow.


The rest of us, the small but growing masses of men who resist become Enemies of the State. The FBI among other federal institutions portray young white men and especially military veterans as terrorists in the making. Gerontocrat appointed authority Scott Galloway said on a recent podcast that the plight of young men takes them "down a downward spiral" to "becoming ultra-nationalist," which makes them "shitty citizens." Such a cowardly and dishonest assessment reveals the hatred Gerontocrats harbor for men who are waking up to the crucible of the male experience and the reasons it has come about. Such hardship is conditioning men for a ferocious resurrection, exactly what Galloway and the Gerontocracy fear. Indeed, we are headed for a karmic moment that will reverse the fortunes of villains of men.        


Raging Bulls


Men are not born heroes. Unlike our female opposites the majority of men are born low status and many never climb above that level. In fact, institutions tend to fear young men because of the instinctual rebelliousness and daredevilry of the male character. Of course, these innate libidinous forces are essential and with proper mastery, what the ancients called “rites of initiation,” can be refined and harnessed to transform boy masculinity into man masculinity. However, if raw, unharnessed male energy is suppressed or outlawed instead of assimilated men can become raging bulls who spray fire bullets in all directions like a deranged school shooter.

The character of dangerous men defines the level of civilization society experiences.


Raging Bull (and Taxi Driver) is a warning of what insecure, undeveloped, and repressed masculinity can become.Violence is the primary resolution of human conflict and the organizing principle for ALL human societies. As such, stability, law, and prosperity in an inherently unstable and dangerous world requires dangerous men to execute discretionary violence. The character of dangerous men defines the level of civilization society experiences. If young men are rejected, scorned by absent fathers and weak leaders, and disparaged by tyrannical females they become dangerous men of low character like Jake Lamotta in Raging Bull.

Men desperately need guidance. Certainly, hardship can strengthen men but it can also destroy us. As I have said, men need 3 Fathers, the biological father, the mentor, and the hero, an idealized standard or national myth that teaches men to believe in something bigger (nation, community and household). Without paternal nourishment from these sources men become lost and unstable, and the collateral damage is civilization. 


For my part I have played the villain for most of my life. From an early age I was resistant to brain washing in all its forms: political correctness, feminism, socialism etc. Authority figures teachers, professors, coaches, CEOs, navy captains, and run-of-the-mill bureaucrats sensed my rebelliousness and sought to stomp it out. My experience is not unique, it defines a generation of young men, and represents perhaps the genesis of the Neo-Masculine mass revolt against tyranny. Such a trend defies the black pilled defeatism that assumes masculinity will simply wither and die inexorably.


Feo, Fuerte, Formal

In Mexico, traditional masculinity was characterized as a triad comprising three pilllars: Feo, Fuerte, and Formal. Feo means ugly, but in this context it refers to the scars of life boys must earn to become men. Fuerte roughly translates to strength, a kind of inner strength built upon the hardships, setbacks, and tragedies of the male experience. Formal is perhaps the most abstract of the three but essentially means dignity. Dignity captures the apotheosis of the masculine spirit, “the congruence between sayings and doings”, or perhaps a kind of self-contained oneness with the ugliness and beauty of life. Masculinity has been realized when there is a willingness to stand strong in the face of whatever good or bad life throws at you.

The masculine triad might also be thought of as a process, stages through which boys must pass to become men. First (Feo), men must see their ideals (blue pill) demolished so they can see things as they really are. Second (Fuerte), men must find the inner strength to grapple with and overcome the harshness of reality. Finally, boys must synthesize what they have learned, accept the truth (red pill), and transform the resultant rage (black pill) into corrective action (masculine self-actualization). Through such a lens we can see the crisis of masculinity as a collective fight to regain masculine power through a mass movement, a Neo-Masculine Movement. The culmination point of this struggle is to reclaim leadership of society through a return of kings.

The crisis of masculinity as a collective fight to regain masculine power through a mass movement, a Neo-Masculine Movement.


The imbalance of life creates the battlefield for good and evil. Heroes and villains are the extremities of the imbalance so men should embrace our current role. As the imbalance of masculine and feminine stretches to its limits a rebalancing will occur, and today’s villains will become tomorrow’s heroes. The men who resist, who fight back, who reject feminization, wokism, and political correctness will be the heroes of the next cycle, the Age of Scarcity. Further, as men take collective action to push back, they will accelerate the cyclical shift already underway.


The fireworks that accompany the end of the Age of Prosperity represent the opportunity for abrupt, revolutionary change. Masco-scarring from the difficulties, tragedies, and lost ideals suffered by generations of young men is the protective layering for the harsh times to come. The psychical shadow work has been done. A Neo-Masculine Movement is prowling. Are you ready to do your part?

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