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Men and the City 37: Men of Action and the Crisis of Masculine Leadership

Updated: Feb 23

Men and the city are starving for leadership. The fundamental purpose of masculinity is to provide leadership, and leadership begins with truth-telling. When societies feminize and turn away from masculine leadership, when they institutionalize conformity and mandate unbridled openness, tolerance, and empathy tyranny tends to follow. Ultimately, feminine energy, which favors agreeableness and consensus must be balanced against masculine energy, which favors courage and individualism. Political correctness, censorship, mandatory vaccinations, wokism, and bureaucratic emasculation are enabled by feminization, on defanging alpha-resistance and empowering beta-conformists. 

Masculine leadership tends to empower meritocracy and feminine leadership tends to empower communism. As we know, communism does not deliver utopian equality, rather it produces concentrated power in the hands of a prosperous few while disempowering the impoverished many. Dangerous disequilibrium in the Sexual Marketplace (SMP) illustrates a similarly inverted pyramid, a tiny minority of Dark Triads at the top monopolize the majority of females who flatly reject the sexually deprived 80 – 90% left over. Such an inverted triangle, which befalls all communist societies, inevitably leads to gulags where most of the population either perishes as seen in the Soviet Gulags, or eventually rebels, as seen in the Color Revolutions. Analogs in the SMP are equally troubling, either masses of men (and women) are slowly sterilized (Incels / Cat ladies) or a revolt of sexless men ignites to rebalance the system.

Either masses of men and women are slowly sterilized or a revolt of sexless men ignites.


Western society is sprinting towards a fork in the road. Looking in vain for leadership to mount effective resistance to the accelerating creep of tyranny, men are either revolting or retreating from mainstream society altogether (see more here). Fortunately, a convergence of crises from fiscal meltdown to full-blown immigration invasion is forcing a decisive moment. The slow death of the boiling frog – the Fabianism advanced by Globalist elites – has proved to be an irresistible opiate. Fortunately, the fireworks of disruption are waking the masses and fomenting resistance.    


Men of Words, Men of Action


Jacques Barzun said that “revolution is a process, it is not an event.” Revolutions are also transitional periods led by masculine archetypes. Objects at rest stay at rest and objects in motion stay at motion, and so it is for men in human societies, some thrive at stasis, others in chaos. When nations descend into disarray, the beta-bureaucrats, peacetime generals, and weekend warriors are quickly sidelined in favor of the rebels, rabble rousers, and wartime consiglieres who storm into the breach of turmoil and excitement. These are men of words and men of action.


Movements make revolutions, and revolutionaries make movements. Eric Hoffer put it this way: “A movement is pioneered by men of words, materialized by fanatics and consolidated by men of action.” Men of words precede the men of action because their “passion is to reform, not destroy.” These men are bloggers, polemicists, YouTubers, and intellectuals, the vitriolic critics and conspiracy theorists who cut the credibility of legacy regimes down to size with verbal attacks, FOIA requests, or publicity stunts. Think of Alex Jones, Julian Assange, Tucker Carlson, and Donald Trump. Historically, they were men like Jan Hus, Rousseau, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine and countless more.

Some men thrive in stasis, some in chaos; these are men of words and men of action.


Men of action by contrast are the great unifiers. Unlike the men of words these True Believers translate words into action and harmonize fragmented dissent into scalable mass movements. Ultimately, men of action emerge at the head of armies and become kings or Caliphates, tyrants, and Lord Protectors. Muhammed, Lenin, and Oliver Cromwell come to mind. The world will soon discover its new men of action. As Hoffer notes, sometimes men of words become men of action, Martin Luther, Ghandi, and Mussolini are examples. It is unlikely that most of our men of words (many of whom are grifters) become men of action but it is too soon to say.


In the process of revolution there is a key transition from words to action and we are entering the action phase. The barrage of criticism, dissent, and furor from men of words fails when the rattled establishment doubles down on old corruptions and self-destructive policies. It is then a broader realization that revolt is the only way out begins to solidify. We are not quite there yet, there is still hope of reform, that elections can right the ship, and blockading major highways will compel reform. However, hopium is running low on supply and time is short. As farmers blockade Paris, truckers boycott NYC, and US Governors flout Federal law to protect state borders the baton is slowly passing from men of words to men of action.


E Pluribus Unum

Only concentrated power can defeat concentrated power and so it must be for Masco-Nationalism and the Neo-Masculine Movement. The militia-mentality, the rugged individualism and rabid-narcissism of men of words provokes and shocks but it does not unify the masses. Indeed, it is tough to make common cause with others when your livelihood as a dissident, free thinker, or polemic depends upon clicks, followers, and subscribers, especially in times of State censorship. Nevertheless, men of words who lack a broader vision to consolidate the masses will begin to lose momentum.

The narcissism of men of words provokes and shocks but it does not unify the masses.


The process of revolution demands new leaders, and we are arising. Men of action are desperately needed to stitch incongruous pieces into the larger puzzle of reformation. That means assimilating the Bitcoiners, farmers, truckers, MAGA and the Manosphere, the MGTOWs and sexless men into one coherent Neo-Masculine Movement. As Hoffer says, “in order to succeed, a mass movement must develop" a "corporate organization for quick and total absorbtion of the frustrated.” That means new parties, monetary networks, international organizations, national customs, and a coherent platform to unify them all under the banner of reform.

Many worry that such a movement is impossible. Skeptics are adamant that majoritarian democracy is too strong, that feminization is too entrenched, and saboteurs are ubiquitous. After all, females are increasingly radicalized (see more here), betas are digging in behind corporate redoubts, and the Gerontocracy remains powerful, perhaps unassailable. Not to worry, conflict is coming, and the Globalists will make it so. Rest assured the hollowing out of the middle class, the treasonous Great Replacement, the weaponization of females against men, and the destruction of entire nations through war or famine is provoking masco-fire.

In summary, the West is fragile, the East is rising, and the Woke World Order is not long for this world. Empowered minorities transform nations and the Neo-Masculine Movement is fast becoming such a force if men of action enter the fray.

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