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Men and the City 36: Men’s Movements on the Rise


Resistance is stiffening in the minds of men in the city. After decades of feminization, of State-mandated empathy, openness and indolent go-with-the-flow, the decrepit state of Western societies is too much to bear. Systematic emasculation has successfully displaced men as the standard bearers, protectors, and leaders of household and nation, leaving our institutions crippled by corruption and debt, our borders porous and undefended, our national identities distorted and insecure. Rather than succumb to betatization or submit to eunucracy a new consciousness, a Neo-Masculinity is igniting. Men in the city are transforming rage into mass resistance.

Masculine rage burns hot. Every man feels anger at some point in his life; some men rage in youth, some in mid-life, some throughout. To become a man, requires the conversion of anger, frustration, even depression borne of struggle, hardship, or trauma into a positive, meaningful, and hopefully transformative change. If the process is successful, boy metamorphoses into man and the ideal that lies dormant in his masculine psyche activates. Masculine transformation occurs after descending into the depths of his cave, a psycho-spiritual chamber wherein the man focuses mind and spirit on the driving force of his life, on the cause, or idea, the mission he commits to making reality. It is here where self-actualization begins.

Transformation occurs after descending into the depths of his cave, a psycho-spiritual chamber wherein the man focuses mind and spirit on the mission he commits to making reality.


Such an alchemical shift described above is well underway in masses of men from Berlin to Brussels, from Ottawa to DC and beyond. The working men: the farmers, construction workers, firemen, truck drivers, factory workers, policemen among others are revolting against the Gerontocracy. Growing numbers of Western men are acutely aware of the ruinous state of their nations. Percolating in the zeitgeist is the specter of Masco-Nationalism, a new sense of empowerment underpinned by the belief that pushing back is possible and mass movements for change are real and strengthening. Indeed, Beta-Tyrants are squirming but resistance to the tides of change is multifaceted.


Gender Wars


Gendered politics is the latest iteration of identity politics. Despite moral reproach from sage elders like Jordan Peterson against so-called “identity politics,” identity is the foundation of politics and will likely always be so; pretending otherwise is tantamount to modeling the universe without gravity. Tragically, the nostalgic harmony between men and women once nourished by a fervent Christian ethos, shared civic responsibility, and even Hollywood films (see more here) is only a distant memory. It has been over one hundred years since the Suffrage Movement granted political power to women, and gender antagonism has only intensified since. In the successive waves of Feminism that have followed (learn more here), each more powerful, socially corrosive, and toxic than the previous one, women and men find themselves diametrically opposed on the defining issues of our time.


Divergent visions for society among men and women should not come as a surprise. Feminine virtues of openness, empathy, and tolerance – the Emotional Quotient (EQ) – are rooted in nurturing energy, a motherly need to raise children and care for family. Masculine virtues of truth, courage, and accountability – the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) – emanate from a man’s need to provide for family and protect community. Both value sets are needed, both are complementary, and when properly synchronized by society serve to fortify household and nation. However, as the gender roles have blurred into ambiguity, politics like the sexual-marketplace is fast becoming a toxic turf war waged by weaponized fembots against a hollowed out “patriarchy.”

The ascension of women into leadership positions across Western society has reprioritized public policy. By wide margins, women (especially single women) support the welfare state furnished by entitlements of all kinds: everything from birth control to maternity leave and government subsidized housing, all mandated and guaranteed by the State. Further, females tend to be forgiving on crime, opting instead for rehabilitation rather than accountability. They tend to support open borders, political correctness, and affirmative action – all courtesy of the “Nanny State.” Such a governing paradigm prioritizes “feels before reals” as they say in the Manosphere.  

The political trends are clear. According to political science professor Nicholas Winter, at least since the 1980s “Americans have come to view the parties [Republican and Democrat] increasingly in gendered terms of masculinity and femininity.” Based on data sourced from the American National Election Studies (ANES), “Republicans are thought to handle better such issues as defense…terrorism, and controlling crime and drugs.” Predictably, “Democratic-owned issues include: education, health care, helping the poor, protecting the environment, and promoting peace.” Obviously, the gender archetypes are on full display but as feminization has spread far and wide, the image of the GOP as the “strict father” and Democrats the “nurturing mother” is a false dichotomy. The reality is leadership in politics and beyond has been completely emasculated. 


Culling the Herd


As men go, so go nations. While First Wave Feminism granted voting rights to women and Second Wave Feminism decoupled femininity from marriage to launch women into the work force, Third and Fourth Wave feminism have propelled women into positions of authority in the boardroom, universities, politics, and even the military with a political wrecking ball. These latest iterations of feminism have attacked vestigial masco-leadership as dangerous and unstable. Danielle Kurtzleben called Trumpism “overt hypermasculinity” and the woke New York Times slandered the soft-spoken Jordan Peterson as the “Custodian of the Patriarchy.” Resisting the onslaught has been virtually impossible inside Human Resource (HR) dominated bureaucracies and government agencies.

Third and Fourth Wave feminism have propelled women into positions of authority in the boardroom, universities, politics, and even the military with a political wrecking ball.


What are men to do? Men at the peak or climbing to the top of clown world’s social-pyramid – the Alpha executives occupying the C-Suite – and their Beta lieutenants – the middle managers and corporate enforcers – either fully embrace feminization by joining in the purge or quietly ride it out until retirement. Harold Robertson describes the choices men face inside America’s feminized-diversity machine:



What about everyone else? The Deltas – the boots on the ground, the men who do the work – are the sacrificial lambs. They are either fired directly or methodically phased out through what Robertson calls the “Ask, Tell, Make Framework,” “the method by which individuals with a vested interest in more diversity push their organizations toward their preferred outcome.” This is accomplished in a variety of ways from government regulations to Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that starve non-compliant industries of capital. One way or another, the herd is culled, and feminization entrenches.


Delta Armies Massing


The neutering persists until the livelihoods of the average man are turned upside down who realize there is nothing left to lose. When power outages become frequent (see more here), when city violence is endemic, and the daily bread of the population is cut off shit-hits-the-fan. Eventually, the overtaxed skeleton crew of competent Deltas left to keep the lights on will quit or retire, and breakdowns compound, perhaps catastrophically.


Several European nations have begun to reach that point. Strikes are spreading from Holland and Germany to Belgium, France, and Italy. Some are farmers, some are truckers, others factory workers, some are unemployed men, all are Deltas. Armies of Deltas are coalescing into variegated Masco-Nationalist Movements against Globalism in all its forms: feminization, open-borders, financialization, environmentalism, warmongering on-and-on.  

Armies of Deltas are coalescing into variegated Masco-Nationalist Movements against Globalism.


Revolt is striking America as well. Texas Governor Greg Abbot issued an executive order defying Federal objections to stop chaos at the Texas-Mexican border. Over 20 US states and 13 US Governors have joined with Texas against DC Globalists intent on demographically replacing America’s founding population with dependent voting blocks. Again, America’s Deltas, the men who make society function stand to lose jobs, livelihoods, safety, indeed their country for good if mass immigration is not reversed immediately. If not, the collapse of the Southern border will be the third and final blow (after Hart-Celler Act-1965, NAFTA-1992) to America’s middle class (the Delta class).


Such urgency means the surge of Masco-Nationalism is just beginning to go mainstream. The entrepreneur Balaji Srinivasan recently described Republicans as “The Men’s Party,” the party of “strong men and the women that love them.” While the Republican / Democrat divide is a mirage, what is clear is that Masco-Nationalism is not going away. As the Gerontocracy doubles down on delusion, as feminization intensifies, as wars erupt overseas, and social-consequences metastasize, Masco-Nationalism will only fester. What comes next?


Masculine Revenant

Resurrection will be the theme of 2024 to the end of the decade. Contrary to what most presuppose, a masco-revenant is underway. Men who have been forced out of the workforce (read more here), whose entire livelihoods are being cannibalized by maniacal climate regulations, men who have been stigmatized, marginalized, and villainized by the “Great Awokening” are no longer suiciding alone in dark places; fewer and fewer are bovine simps for Fembots and Beta-Tyrants. Instead, they are slowly realizing they have less to lose and everything to gain by ferociously pushing back. The time for accommodation is over, the time for aggressive resistance is here and now.


The mission for young men is coming into focus. The hero’s journey has been wrested from men and so Western society finds itself unanchored, confused, and dangerously off course. Without the “rites of initiation,” without outlets for testosterone-driven productivity, the space to be dynamic, challenged, and courageous men lose hope, their masculine spirit dies. The Neo-Masculine Movement offers them a path, a way forward, a purpose and meaning an entire generation of men has lost.


The crisis of masculinity is a necessary precondition for a masculine rebirth. The deeply personal hero story unique to every man’s journey is converging with the broader Western crisis. Ours is a generation whose mission it is to awaken from, revolt against, and reform of a broken world. As the Age of Scarcity eclipses the Age of Prosperity men’s movements will only continue to rise.

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