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Men and the City 25: Wither Propaganda

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Men in the city see through the lies. The world is increasingly complex and unhinged yet most perceive it as increasingly simple and synthetic, a set of billiard balls shot with planned Newtonian precision. There is cause and effect, input and output, Point Counterpoint, nothing more and nothing less. At least that is what material science, government economists, and ministers of propaganda would have us believe. According to the “managerial elite,” complexity has been mastered and so have the vicissitudes of the crowd. Spiritualism, nationalism, Messianic visions and mass movements are hocus pocus rooted in moribund superstitions easily demystified, controlled and weaponized.

Ironically, such a view pervades the echo chambers of the blue and red pilled, Bitcoiners and Goldbugs, Republicans and Democrats, Globalists and nationalists alike. Amazingly, all sides seem to concur that human events are orchestrated, the masses are easily tricked, and the future is pre-determined by elite boogeymen (Globalists or Q-Anon) steering an unsuspecting mankind to a fate beyond its grasp. Of course, metaphysical inspiration, natural disasters, improbable conquests, scientific breakthroughs, and the deplorable track record of forecasters to accurately foretell any of it suggests otherwise.

Kings, nations and empires emerge spontaneously. The rise of Hellenic hegemony or Roman dominion in ancient times or the global Anglo-empires of Rule Britannia and Pax Americana in the modern era were unplanned, unmanaged, and wholly unpredictable. The Greek city states were tiny, divided, and quarrelsome, as were the Etruscans, Latins, and Sabines before coagulating into the vaunted Romans. Equally, Great Britain was a dank little island ravaged by waves of conquests and nearly swallowed by Spain while America was a colonial backwater that nearly fragmented into a hundred territories before stumbling into global power in the 20th century.

How human beings and systems react to change dictates their success or failure.

History indicates reactivity is the governing law of human dynamics. Top-down management tends to be washed away by what the Chinese call Dynastic Cycles. Hegel’s World-Historical-Individuals from Augustus to Napoleon were frequently unknown and unremarkable men before titanic events changed their destiny. Case in point, the mana-personalities of the 20th century converged in Viennese coffee houses most of them unaccomplished, irascible, and maladjusted until the Madness of Crowds changed the game in their favor. How human beings and systems react to change dictates their success or failure. Even if stipulated, best not to underestimate the magical power of advertising.

No Truth in Advertising

Advertising and propaganda are virtually indistinguishable in today’s world and feed a multi-hundred-billion-dollar industry and growing, especially digital advertising. The branding techniques mastered by Starbucks, McDonalds, and Rolex are essential ingredients to their success. Blue chip innovators and their imitators excel at manufacturing consumption by manipulating “psychological frame.” Influence as Psychology Professor Robert Cialdini explained, through “frames or anchors or primes or mindsets or first impressions” is key. How far can the envelop be pushed?

Modern governments rule less by diktat than through marketing. The discipline of modern propaganda is at least a century old emerging perhaps with Yellow Journalism courtesy of William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal. It’s tough to imagine the modern world without the hysteria induced by mass media. Unsurprisingly, such newly acquired influence led self-appointed “authorities” like Edward Bernays’ to declare that democracy itself could not function without “conscious and intelligent manipulation.” Propaganda was the core competency that animated the “invisible government,” the shadowy figures really in charge.

Modern governments rule less by diktat than through marketing.

Certainly, the Gerontocracy today echoes these sentiments. As a result, since the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) and the infamous Patriot Act, the State has been seized unprecedented power to arbitrate, regulate, and surveille the information we access and consume. Cloud tech companies, search algos, and cell phones created the perfect platforms to do so. Predictably, public debate has been stymied and crack downs on “misinformation” and “hate speech” have followed suit. First it was "terrorists," then Trump supporters, next anti-vaxxers, and now anyone even vaguely skeptical of government-mandated-groupthink or mass programing. Can the spell be broken?

Taming the Crowd

Manipulating public opinion never mind human behavior is extremely difficult. Anyone who knows a little about marketing or central banking for that matter knows that the “science” behind it is highly suspect, especially because its chief subject is the inscrutable human being. Certainly, there is a bevy of material hawking tricks of the trade, everything from Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion to Robert Greene’s The Art of Seduction. Companies pay advertising consultants, politicians pay K-Street lobbyists, and betas pay PUAs to teach them how to “manufacture consent.” However, focus groups, field staff and propaganda itself often vaporizes upon contact with the enemy.

Just as central bankers superciliously believe they control the global economy the Mainstream Media suffers similar delusions of mass manipulation. The facts show otherwise. As Cialdini tells us in Pre-suasion, “Any practice that pulls attention to an idea will be successful only when the idea has merit…directed attention to the bad idea won’t make it any more persuasive. If anything, the tactic might well backfire.” This is a lesson lost on the “cognitive elite” in DC, LA and NYC, the fallow fields of bad ideas and empty talking points. Even if Bernard Cohen was right that the media can prioritize what people think about, men are not easily swayed.

The masses are swept up by unconscious forces.

The masses are swept up by unconscious forces. According to Gustav Le Bon “Crowds are always unconscious,” which is “one of the secrets of their strength.” For the frenzied masses – Le Bon writes – “there is more truth in the unreal than the real.” Tough to control the unconscious, the unseen, and the unreal. The unconscious is the dog that doesn’t bark, the passive aggressive smirk, the quiet neighbor who never raised a fuss until the day he did.

When Talking Points Don’t Work?

The magic of propaganda is a point of contention I have with the Red Pillers (and Black Pillers). Many, perhaps most of them, believe that media or ideology or government subversion expertly beguiles the masses. I am not so sure. The facts and figures I consume show a collapse of trust in central authority and Covid vaccine mandates have only further undermined their credibility (see video above). Despite decades of "reeducation", most Americans (and Westerners) are opposed to open borders, forced vaccinations, global military intervention, reject gender fluidity, and generally stand diametrically opposed to the views espoused by the Gerontocracy. However, I will admit that docility and apathy are close cousins, meaning the lack of manifest blowback amounts to concession, at least to some extent.

My contention is that blowback is a gathering storm and it is beginning to thunder. Here is another insight from Le Bon: “The memorable events of history are the visible effects of the invisible changes of human thought.” Le Bon believed that the destruction of old social-religious beliefs and the creation of new industrial-scientific ones was transforming humanity at the dawn of the 20th century. Are we not experiencing the same as the Age of Prosperity crumbles and the coming Age of Scarcity takes its place in the 21st? What will happen when pensioners, and veterans, and corporate lackeys, and government contractors, and retired Baby Boomers see their finances incinerated by a global financial collapse?

What will happen when talking points no longer work? The unseen, invisible, and heretofore unconscious recoil from the tormented Men in the City is massing. The Neo-Masculine Movement – a movement so visceral to us – and so completely invisible to the Gerontocracy – is gaining momentum. The rise of the Manosphere, the proliferation of alternative media, the global adoption of Bitcoin, and the agony of sexless men is its manifestation. The Red Pill is an effort to bring consciousness to unconscious feelings that have been festering for decades in the minds of men. Finally, after so long, the world is ready to hear them.

Men in the city will speak through the rhythm of a mass movement and the catharsis of crowds.

There verse will be spoken through the rhythm of a mass movement and the catharsis of crowds. The Global Reset is coming but it will not deliver as advertised because propaganda has withered and the Neo-Masculine Movement is rising. The wizards of finance, the masters of media, and the ministers of propaganda are not pulling the strings; they are firmly plugged-in to the Matrix, oblivious and out-of-touch. Don’t believe me? Just ask them. My guess is they won’t know what the hell you are talking about.

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